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Pallet Table 2
materials: reclaimed pallet timbers, casting resin, food items
dimensions: 1350 x 1120 x 670mm
A short movie detailing the making of Pallet Table 2 has been released on YouTube. The movie was produced by Ward Petherbridge from Waste Converters Pty Ltd for the 2014 Create From A Crate competition, and created by Christian Cordeaux from Miracle-8 Productions.

Pallet Table 2 was made from 2 industrial timber pallets that were used to import rolls of metallic film for food packaging by Amcor Flexibles. The pallets were made in the USA from American hardwoods including Cherry, Ash, Oak, Elm, Chestnut and Maple.

The design of the table was influenced by the dimensions and shapes of the individual pieces of salvaged timber, to ensure minimal wastage and also to provide a reference to the original form of the pallets. Food items that are typically packaged in the metallic film imported on the pallets were cast in resin, providing another reference to the original use of the timber.

On any given day, approximately 1.9 billion pallets are used in the USA alone for storing and distributing products. Around 40% of all USA hardwood timber goes toward pallet production. The world pallet market is worth approximately $9 billion per year. Much of this timber is chipped or disposed of in landfill when the pallets are finished with.

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