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Bird's Eye Drawers
materials: recycled Bird's Eye Stringybark,
Spotted Gum, oxidiesed Jarrah, Vic. Ash,
casting resin, found objects, coloured epoxy
dimensions: 1270 x 1200 x 500mm
The piece explores the relationship between traditional joinery and natural wood figure, and the seemingly opposing and contrasting concepts of contemporary form and bright colour.

The natural Bird's Eye pattern is emphasized and contemporized by adding colour. It is most likely caused by epicormic (just below the bark) buds which develop as the tree grows. It is a visual history of the tree and is a record of the tree's response to occurrences within its habitat, small samples of which are cast in resin and preserved as a reminder of where the tree originated. The different colours of each drawer front are a stylistic reference to the chapters of this history.
detail of dovetails (all joints in carcass and
drawers are through dovetails)
front view of drawers
drawers open
detail of cast resin handle with found objects
collected from forest where Stringybark grew
detail of oxidised Jarrah plinth
detail of coloured epoxy in
Bird's Eye Stringybark drawer fronts
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