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Bird's Eye Pods
materials: Bird's Eye Jarrah, Silky Oak, rare earth magnets, coloured epoxy
dimensions: 900x 130 x 100mm

The pods were cut from a solid piece of Birds Eye Jarrah. They were cut into their individual pieces, then hollowed out and lined with Silky Oak. Each pod is a trapezoid form that fits perfectly with the adjacent pod. The pod lids are held to their bases by rare earth magnets, hidden by coloured epoxy. Two of the pods have an additional Silky Oak box that is removable.

The piece is intended to be sculptural in form. Its functional role is to store jewellery or other small items. It explores the relationship between natural wood figure, and the seemingly opposing and contrasting concepts of contemporary form and bright colour.

The natural Bird's Eye pattern is emphasized and contemporized by adding colour. It is most likely caused by epicormic (just below the bark) buds which develop as the tree grows. It is a visual history of the tree and is a record of the tree's response to occurrences within its habitat. The different colours of each pod are a stylistic reference to the chapters of this history

Pods with lids removed
Detail of individual pod
Detail showing Silky Oak lining and concealed magnets
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