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Grandpa's Desk
materials: reclaimed wardrobe timbers including Vic Ash and veneered blockboard, reclaimed Jarrah, local Blackwood, casting resin, screws, nails, fittings
dimensions: 2500 x 830 x 730mm
Grandpa's Desk was
commissioned by a client who was in possession of 2
wardrobes that were built
decades ago by her
grandfather and who did not
have space for the wardrobes, but wanted to keep them because of their sentimental value. She did however require a desk for her office and approached me with a brief to design a desk to suit her requirements, which utilized
the timber from the wardrobes.

Prior to designing the desk, I dismantled the wardrobes to determine what materials I would have at my disposal. The design process involved incorporating the required dimensions, number of drawers and layout requirements of the client with the challenge of piecing together random amounts and sizes of timber in the hope that they would be suitable for their intended purpose.

Grandpa's Desk is a contemporary piece whose aesthetic is determined primarily by the materials salvaged from the wardrobes. The desk top (reclaimed Jarrah) and drawer fronts (local Blackwood) are the only additional materials used and were chosen to be relatively neutral so as not to detract from the wardrobe timbers. Whilst dismantling the wardrobes all screws, nails and fittings were kept. Some of these were cast into resin blocks and used for drawer handles, both as a reminder of the original wardrobes and also as a source of memories of the client's grandfather every time a drawer is opened.

detail of drawers detail of cast resin handle (containing
screws from wardrobe)
detail of pull out shelf for laptop
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