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Green Day Bed
materials: recycled LVL's, particle board, fabric
covered foam mattress
dimensions: 2000 x 1600 x 800mm
Green Day Bed was one of 3 pieces to be placed in a new 2 storey extension, the other 2 being a cabinet and staircase. All 3 pieces were to be low cost and sympathetic to the architectural elements, materials and colours of the extension and utilise recycled LVL's as a primary material.

Placed in a corner window position on the upper level of the extension, Green Day Bed is intended to be used for reading, relaxing and taking in the view of the ocean. It was designed to be an appropriate height and size for taking full advantage of the view and to be comfortable for all members of the family. Lids below the mattress lift up to allow access to large storage spaces underneath.

The sides of Green Day Bed are made from recycled LVL's (laminated veneer lumber) sourced from old industrial pallets. Bolt holes are filled with coloured epoxy. The foam mattress is covered in UV stable fabric. Storage lids are made from particle board.

original LVL's
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