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Huon Bed
materials: reclaimed Jarrah, salvaged Huon Pine, Vic Ash
dimensions: 2370 x 4160 x 830mm
Huon Bed was made for a client who recently visited Tasmania for a holiday, and saw some Huon Pine in a gallery. They immediately fell in love with its beautiful fine grain and fragrance, and decided they would like a bed that featured the timber in some way.

Functionally, the client requested the bed be of a low platform style, have matching side tables and be able to accommodate a king size mattress.

The design was kept deliberately simple and minimalist both as a response to the architecture of the bedroom, and also to focus attention on the timber. All horizontal surfaces were designed in Huon Pine and vertical surfaces in Jarrah. The darkness of the Jarrah recedes under the bed platform, resulting a floating effect when viewed from above. The only detailing occurs on corners, which feature vertical rows of splines.

The client has subsequently informed me that whilst their bed is extremely comfortable, they are a little more tired than before as their 2 year-old can now climb up onto the new, lower bed for a cuddle at 5 o'clock in the morning.

detail showing corner splines
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