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Mississippi Box
materials: American Walnut, casting resin, found objects, walnuts
dimensions: 300 x 300 x 350mm

The idea for Mississippi Box came
about when I was given a small piece
of American Walnut by a colleague
and asked to make something from it.
Coincidentally, I was just about to
leave for a trip to the USA at the time
and was therefore able to develop the
design whilst surrounded by American

The concept for the piece revolves
around displaying the cultural and
physical elements found in the natural
habitat of the American Walnut. The
piece provides a narrative or a
snapshot of life from an area in the
USA in which the timber species is
found (Mississippi). Various items
collected from Mississippi were cast
into the box lid, while walnuts were
cast into the resin plinth.

While still functioning as a jewellery
box, the piece has a scale and
presence that defines it as something
more than just a functional item. The
actual function of the piece is not
necessarily immediately apparent to
the viewer. Visually, the concept is
the obvious thing, rather than the
piece's functionality.

Lid removed showing 2 layers of storage and 4 internal boxes (felt inserts removed)
Detail of central shelled walnut Detail of internal box showing bullet shell handle
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