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Mondrian Wardrobe
materials: Blackwood, reclaimed Vic Ash, Blackwood veneer, formply
dimensions: 4720 x 2345 x 1100mm
Mondrian Wardrobe is a series of 5 storage modules fastened together on site. The piece was designed to fit the dimensions of the room and to allow sufficient space for other existing items of bedroom furniture. The client brief included detailed requirements for hanging space, shoe storage, 17 clothes drawers, shelves, 2 jewellery drawers and a matching bedside table. In addition to the functional requirements of the design brief, the client requested that reference be made to the work of a favourite artist, Piet Mondrian.

The 5 modules vary in height and depth to allow for spatial constraints, as well as providing a tapering effect so that the wardrobe would not dominate the room. Carcasses of all modules are constructed from hardwood formply, a very strong and stiff plywood with an attractive dark brown lacquer finish. Doors and external drawer fronts are made from Blackwood veneer, with the grain matched across the entire set of modules. Internal drawers are all solid Blackwood, with dovetail joinery. Table top, display boxes and drawer/door handles are solid Vic Ash, whilst coloured handles are painted with epoxy. Two jewellery drawers (custom made to suit the client's specific requirements) are built from solid Blackwood, once again displaying dovetail joinery.

Blackwood drawer fronts
Vic Ash display boxes with dovetail joinery
detail showing internal and external drawers
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