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For Local Clients

If you are local (ie. Melbourne or within a couple of hours drive), I come to you to discuss the
project. We will formulate a design brief together. I will then draft up some ideas, compile costings, and
present them to you for discussion. The drawings will then be modified (if required) until the piece is exactly
as you want it, and suits your budget. I will also give you an indication of how long it will take to build. Once
all details are finalised I will draft up a formal quotation for signing. Work will proceed on the piece once the
quote is signed and returned with a deposit. I will keep you informed of progress with regular updates. Once
finished, I will deliver the piece to your door.

For Interstate and International Clients

For interstate and international clients the process is basically the same, however communication occurs
via email (and telephone if necessary). Interestingly enough, the design process is often more thorough
when done via email, as we both have more time to consider our respective comments and can also easily refer to past emails. As an additional service for interstate and international clients, I email photos along
with the progress updates. Once finished, the piece is shipped either to your door or to your nearest freight
depot or port (see shipping below).

(for interstate & international clients)

All furniture can be shipped interstate or internationally. Pieces are carefully packed into crates, which are then fumigated (for international deliveries) so as to comply with international customs quarantine regulations.

As a guide, the cost of international shipping generally adds approximately 10% - 20% to the cost of the furniture (depends on the size, weight and value of the goods). The low value of the Australian dollar compared to most other currencies ensures that even with shipping included, the furniture still remains competitively priced (often lower priced) with similar products from USA, Europe and Japan.


For local clients, payment may be in the form of cheque, cash or EFT. For international clients payment
methods include either International Money Transfer or PayPal.

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