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Pallet Table
Winner Iveco Award 2004
Create From a Crate Competition
materials: 1 entire industrial pallet
American Oak, Pine, unidentified hardwood, casting resin, bolts, nails
dimensions: 960 x 1100 x 350mm

Pallet Table is constructed from one entire industrial sized pallet. The pallet originated from the Iveco truck manufacturing plant in Dandenong and was used to import large truck engines into Australia.

The pallet was disassembled and all nails, nuts and bolts were removed and stored and later cast into 2 table legs. Pallet Table utilized the entire contents of the pallet. The only waste was sawdust and a handful of offcuts.

The anatomy of the table displays strong references to the original form of the pallet, thus giving the viewer an insight into its original function. The spirit of the pallet has been retained, even though it has morphed into a superior entity, more refined and beautiful than before.

Pallet Table could have easily ended up as a small portion of the 500,000 tons of timber waste that are disposed of each year into landfill, or as a pile of woodchips on the neighbour's garden. It was made to highlight the potential of using recycled timber in the production of high value items, rather than simply throwing it away or using it for low cost generic commodities.

pallet prior to disassembly
disassembled pallet components
top view detail of nails, nuts and bolts
cast into resin leg
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