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Resurrection Dining Table
materials: reclaimed Mahogany table, timber offcuts of
various species, Vic Ash
dimensions: 2950 x 1270 x 770mm
Resurrection Dining Table was remodeled from a discarded Victorian dining table. The original table was made from Mahogany. It was used by priests and located in a presbytery.

The apron (rail) under the table top was quite deep, so people would knock their knees on it when sitting down. The table legs were also a bit wobbly.

The new table was required to be longer than the original to accommodate more people. It was to be located in a contemporary renovation, so the architecture, materials and colours of the house were all considered carefully during the design phase.
the original table

The turned Victorian legs were cut off and replaced with simple square section legs made from laminated offcuts of various timber species, resulting in random contrasting stripes.

The apron was trimmed, allowing plenty of room for user's legs to fit underneath. The frame and joints were also reinforced to ensure no movement.

The table-top sides were cut to remove the rounded corners. They were replaced with strips of Vic Ash to restore the original width. To create the additional length required, Vic Ash "breadboard" ends were placed on both ends of the table. Breadboard ends "float" on the ends of the table-top and allow for lateral expansion and contraction of the table-top.

The table was designed for large family gatherings and can comfortably accommodate 14 people.

detail of breadboard end
detail of "offcut" leg
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