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Ripponlea Rocker
materials: reclaimed Jarrah, reclaimed
Blackwood, Blackwood veneer, leather
dimensions: 1020 x 730 x 1100mm

The inspiration for the Ripponlea Rocker came to me shortly after the birth of my second child. As most parents will know, a comfortable chair is an absolutely essential item when feeding and nursing a young baby. We looked around for a suitable chair for our first baby, but had trouble finding anything that was even close to perfect.On the arrival of our second, I decided to design a super-comfortable chair that would be ideal for nursing babies, as well as for day to day use by the rest of the family.

Rocking chairs are synonomous with cosy evenings by the fire, lazy afternoons with a good book, sleepy times with baby, watching the world go by on the front porch. And understandably so, a good rocking chair is unrivalled for comfort.

The rocking chair was designed with generous proportions, displaying a huge seat size, very wide
armrests, high backrest and extremely thick and squashy cushions. It makes references to Arts and
Crafts and Missions styles, however is highly contemporary. Unique to my rocking chairs are two
easily accessible drawers located under the seat, ideal for baby's bottles and blankets, or maybe the
newspaper or a favourite magazine.
All frame joinery on the rocking chairs is traditional mortice and tenon, reinforced with pins. Drawers are
constructed with traditional dovetails. Timbers are beautiful Australian hardwoods, durable enough to last
for literally hundreds of years. Upholstery is high quality leather.
drawer detail
Custom Made
Each chair is custom made to suit the client. It is important that rocking chairs fit the size of the user,
so prior to making a chair I always determine the physical proportions of the major users. In addition to
this, different timber species are discussed with the client depending on their preference for colour and
grain pattern. The resultant chair is unique, no two chairs are the same.
The Ripponlea Rocker is intended to stay in the family for generations. In time the chair will
become a symbol of the family's experiences, a vessel that will contain memories of your children's
upbringing, and their children and their children. It will become a trusted friend, visited when in need of
comfort and security, or maybe for just a bit of a snooze.
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