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Speckled Cabinets
materials: birds eye Stringybark, Jarrah veneer,
Vic Ash veneer, coloured epoxy
dimensions: 6000 x 1200 x 750mm


Speckled Cabinets were commissioned by a client requiring storage in their main living room. The client brief was purely functional and specified only the approximate amount of storage space required.

The room in which the cabinets were to be placed was large and contained little other furniture, so the piece would need to be both functional and be able to stand alone as a prominent feature or point of interest. Shelves were initially an option, however it was decided that a series of cabinets would be more interesting as a feature and look a little less utilitarian than shelves.

The cabinets are intended to be simple and geometric in form, whilst also being sculptural and slightly abstract. Detail is provided in the exposed dovetail joinery on the corners of the cabinets and also in the birds eye grain of the timber. The small birds eye holes are filled with coloured epoxy, a different colour used for each of the 4 cabinets.

The cabinets are arranged along a large plain white wall and lit from above, ensuring that the coloured birds eye grain pattern is prominent. The cabinets may also be re-arranged in a different sequence to provide a subtle change to the room.

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