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Stitched Sewing Table
materials: reclaimed Jarrah, reclaimed Vic Ash Blackwood
dimensions: 2500 x 1800 x 750mm
Stitched Sewing Table was commissioned by a client who required a sewing table for her new studio. The piece was designed to fit specifically into the corner of the room, and also to fit the physical dimensions of the client to ensure maximum comfort whilst working. The design brief also included a requirement for placement of a sewing machine and an overlocker, as well as provision of 3 drawers, shelves and a customized lift-out storage tray (layout designed by the client) for storage of threads, bobbins, machine feet, etc. The space underneath the lift-out tray can be used for further storage for fabric rolls, etc.

The client has an interest in 70's late-modernist design and requested that the design make reference to the simple, angular and chunky look of much of the timber furniture of the period. Stitched Sewing Table consists of 3 box-type cabinets that fit together. The piece is simple in form, with attention to detail in both the joinery and the variation in timber thicknesses and colour. The finger joints, dovetails and circular contrasting plugs are intended to provide simple and unifying geometry, whilst the thick dimensions of the shelves and drawer handles, along with the 3 contrasting timber colours, provide a slightly abstract and sculptural feel to the piece.

lift-out storage tray (with storage space under)
details of joinery
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