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The table has arrived (after being x-rayed and then opened and inspected in LA) and it's beautiful. We love it. I'd noticed some red in the photos, but hadn't fully appreciated your use of red epoxy. It looks great, adds character and compliments the wood. Thank you also for including the large photo of the pallet. It's rare that we have someone over to our house for the first time and don't show them the "before" picture and tell them the story of the table. It's so much fun to look at it and then the table.

We could not be happier.

Thank you,

Jordan Shields
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
Illinois USA

Hello Martin, I trust all is well with work and family. I wanted to wait awhile before commenting on the furniture (in order to avoid rash statements or the euphoria one often feels after a big-ticket purchase).

As we become more comfortable within our new house it is only natural that the lines and angles of our tables and chairs are no longer strange to our eyes when panning from one room to another.

The stripe inlays on the dining table are now subtle accents contrasting nicely with the dark color of the tabletop which only add to the overall look of the dining set.

Dining chairs are certainly the focal point of the entire interior of the house which never cease to amaze and impress visitors of all ages. They are comfortable for all heights and body types yet are so cutting edge that smiles abound whenever anyone enters the room.

The coffee table is perfectly suited for its duty as drink holder/ game station. In fact, as much as everyone is in awe of the dining set, the coffee table usually seems to steal a lot of its thunder. Simple, yet somehow elegant, it screams quality with guests invariably asking how much it costs (hidden meaning: "That must have cost a fortune!").

I snapped several digital photos on request of our Tokyo based architect. I would like to mail the card to you so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of your work in its permanent surroundings.

Additionally, we have decided that we need 2 bar stools and the photo card includes several images of the kitchen counter where the stools will rest. We would like you to make the stools and am hoping that they can include a few of the aspects of the walking table which resides nearby.

I realize you may be very busy and unable to work on this new project at present, however I hope you will consider my offer.


Key Barlow

Martin Davis produces timber furniture that is both finely crafted and unique. His original designs captivate ones attention, often using a combination of bright colours and alternative mediums such as resin to accentuate features within the timber. These elements work surprisingly well alongside natural timber grains and really bring his pieces to life. Having first seen Martin's work back in 2004 at the "Create from a Crate" Exhibition at the Meat Market Craft Centre (in which he won first prize), I have followed his progress. I have been incredibly impressed by the exceptional craftsmanship of the pieces that I have seen over the past years - his work really stands out from the rest.

Ward Petherbridge
Waste Converters Recycling
Lyndhurst, Victoria

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