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Walking Table
materials: recycled Jarrah, recycled Birdseye Stringybark, epoxy
dimensions: 850 x 450 x 300mm

Walking Table was part of a
commission for an international
client, which also included a dining
table and set of chairs. All of the
furniture was to be placed in the
dining room in close proximity. The
brief thus included a request for each
piece to reference the other pieces in
a subtle way. The room was also
rather compact (the client lives in
Japan), so the dimensions of all the
pieces were considered carefully.
Walking Table has compound angled
legs, resembling the "stick" struts in
the chairs and dining table. It appears to be walking, hence the name. It is
graphically geometric in form, and
quirky in nature. The table top is intended to be a striking feature,
which will contrast with the less-busy,
straight grained timbers in the house
and other furniture items. The table
will be used primarily for board games,
keenly contested by the clients and
their young son.

Side view of table showing cantilevered shelf and
compound angled legs.

Detail of Birdseye Stringybark table top
Detail showing leg joinery
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