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Cubist Wall Unit
materials: form ply, Jarrah veneer,
reclaimed Tas. Myrtle, painted MDF
dimensions: 3700 x 2500 x 600mm
The Cubist Wall Unit was commissioned by a client who had previously seen a piece of my work in
an exhibition. The functional brief was to provide a large storage unit to accommodate books, television,
stereo, speakers, artworks and various other bits and pieces. The design brief was left open ended, the
only requirements being that the unit be interesting and relatively inexpensive.
The unit was required to cover an
area approximately 4 metres long by
2.4 metres high, with specific
dimensions allocated for storage of
specific items. My approach was to
divide the unit up into random block
shapes to produce a "cubist"
composition. Each "block" was
designed with a different depth so as
to create a 3 dimensional, sculptural
look to the piece. The carcass is
constructed from form-ply, which
comes with a dark brown lacquer
finish. It is a high strength,
lightweight material that is
economical and attractive. Squares
of colour are randomly arranged
throughout the piece using different
coloured timbers for drawer fronts
and cupboard doors, and brightly
painted finishes for other cupboard
detail cupboards detail drawers
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